12-15 April 2018

Jane Austen Festival Australia is an annual celebration in Canberra where Austen and Napoleonic fans from all over Australia come and indulge themselves in everything Regency - including dancing, music, food, games, archery, fencing, theatre, promenades, grand balls, talks, workshops, costumes and books. This festival is now a regular part of the ACT Heritage Festival, Australian Heritage Week and is supported by the ACT Government, the Australian Costumers Guild and the Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy. Since its inception in 2008 this little festival has blossomed into one of the most delightful four days anyone could experience each April in an old and beautiful part of Canberra, the Federal capital of Australia.

December 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Jane Austen!

In recognition of Jane Austen's birthday on the 16 December we are offering you 10% discount tickets to Jane Austen Festival Australia 10-13 April 2014 if you book and use the discount code JABIRTHDAY13 at http://www.janeaustenfestival.com.au. This special offer expires on 17 December 2013.

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